Welcome to Little Gransden Airfield

EGMJ the home base of Mark Jefferies Air Displays and the Global Stars aerobatic team

We are strictly PPR. If you cant directly contact by phone use WHATSAPP on 07785538317

The airfield runway is Serviceable as of todays date, 3-4-2024 but soft.

Please take care whist taxing to use different areas of the runway to spread the wear and tear. Same for landing, generally the north side of the centre line is better. 

Don’t rely upon brakes being very effective, grass is wet and slippery generally all this time this time of year. 

This coming years family airshow is on 25th August 2024. Over the years we have given over £1/3 million to local and national children’s charities. Come and join us for a stunning show.

Call for hanagar spaces and outside parking. Call Mark on 07785 538317

Greg Burns at Two two fly operates a C42 flying school here with hand controls suitable for disabled pilots.

It’s always a pleasure when someone shows an interest at our airfield and we’re delighted you’ve chosen to have a look at our website to find out more. We hope you’ll find it useful and informative.

We have a thriving fly club and paramotoring club where you can talk flying, take part in flying activities or bring your family for club non-flying events.

Come and take a look at any time. 

We look forward to meeting you soon. Mark Jefferies a/f owner.