Gransden Powered Paragliding Club rules and tips


Standing Rules

  1. All pilots will be insured, a copy or proof of their insurance is required. Very expensive 3rd party damage could be caused if you hit an aircraft for example, you would be liable. 
  2. Flying hours 7am to sunset +30min.
  3. Take off & land in designated PPG areas only.
  4. After take-off climbing to 3-5 hundred ft whilst waiting for other pilots to take-off. But not over runway. – See map.
  5. Depart the area below fixed wing circuit traffic height of 800 AGL.
  6. No flying over any villages or <3500ft over Cambridge gliding club, they have winch cables.
  7. See map for no-fly zones
  8. No overflying of airfield runway between 7am to 7.30 pm Unless you have ability to announce intentions on 130.855 VHF air band radio. 
  9. Stay South of the East/ West hedge line away from main runway away from powered aircraft runway.
  10. Do not overfly the chicken farm-give a wide separation. 
  11. No overflying of farm buildings unless landing or taking off. – we have 9 holiday cottages with guests on site not wishing to be disturbed. 
  12. No Foot dragging in fields.
  13. Beware of farm machinery & aircraft on the ground slipstream and rotor turbulence from trees.
  14. Give way to aircraft whilst on the ground (west field)
  15. Helmets to be worn during flight.
  16. Recommended to have altimeter & saved track of each flight. (to prove it was not U) “flyskyhy” & “skydemon” app for example
  17. Its strongly recommended only to warm engines when in the harness with helmet on.
  18. Runway 03/21 is used by fixed wing aircraft and priority to be given to taxiing aircraft. This runway is also used as a runway, if the prevailing wind is such all PPG to use the “field” section.
  19. Opposite the main entrance is the “East field” for use when prevailing wind dictates. 
  20. Park vehicles responsibly in designated areas.
  21. Please remove all litter and pick up any that’s seen.
  22. Clubroom door code 13085 honesty box coffee and chocolates
  23. The airfield has 9 holiday lets for families, hen parties and wedding parties. As summer is coming no buzzing the take-off landing zone. Make a “go places” plan.
  24. Remember the 500ft rule, its in the ANO. 
  25. Engines do fail, some electrical, some run out of fuel, some melt pistons. Height will give options.
  26. On return to the airfield after being away for a few hours check the wind sock….wind directions change.
  27. has live wind 2 miles away. 
  28. Don’t overfly canopies on the ground, they could be pulled up in your flight path or your slipstream will disturbs them. 
  29. By paying annual membership you are confirming these rules and advice has been read and understood.
  30. No refund given in event of being asked to leave the site for any reason and non observance of the above.