EGMJ Circuit Pattern

Mark and John Jefferies owners of Lt Gransden Aerodrome, EGMJ N52’10 W000’09 radio a/g 130.855 – please note the runway 28/10 is 810 meters TORA with LADA shorter due to a hedge at 28 threshold. Actual WX conditions real time from Gransden lodge gliding site 1.5 nm north east.. 

By Air (PPR only please) EGMJ – Mark 07785 538 317 0r John 07770 922 682

A NOTAM is likely active when winds are below 10mph for paramotor activity – Also Aerobatics in the overhead –

We are permitted to fly internationally The CoA here for reference along with an amendment letter here.

Overseas visiting or returning Pilot Procedures- You must file a GAR 24 hrs prior to arrival.

After you get the emailed confirmation (of the GAR) this must then be sent to

A landing fee is charged, currently £10. Payment in the club room “tea bar and cakes fund” and complete the flight records book. The district council come and inspect this to ascertain if we have gone above our limit in takeoffs permitted.

Read and understand the Standard Operating Procedure and Map before setting off on your journey to Lt Gransden.

Familiarise yourself with the local no fly zones and avoid them, they are published for good reason. Cables and noise.

Enter the local area if possible at a height in excess of 2500 feet.

Do not confuse the aerodrome for any other in the local area (illustrations of runway design below). Gransden Lodge Gliding site 1.5 nm North East

If you can not easily identify the airfield, do not descend below 2500 feet until you have done so.

Join on long finals for each runway (no obstacles above tree height each direction for 10 miles) if possible with a glide approach and prop NOT supersonic! ie 2300rpm for a lycoming or less is best.

If you have to fly a go-around, either turn immediately to rejoin downwind (28 left, 10 right) or climb straight head for 3 miles.